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Here's What I Do

I help business owners, like you, build an online presence that converts your audience by...

Enhancing Visibility

Build your business’ digital assets so that more people can easily find you online.

Generating Leads

Organically reach your ideal customers who are ready and waiting to buy your offer.

Increasing Sales

Establish high profitability quickly with measured and data-driven growth.

3. Maximize Profitability

When you are growing your business with goals of making more sales, it should be done with strategies that are effective so you can enjoy running a business, instead of being run by it.

2. Get Found Online

Whether driving foot traffic, or click traffic, your content should reflect what makes you unique, and display how you or your products transform your customers’ lives.

1. Optimize Your Online Presence

When building, maintaining and optimizing your online presence, you should have the support you need so you can focus on the things that require your complete attention.

How It Works

Because your business runs better when you are doing what only you can do, I help you...

Who I Work With

While each client is unique, the most common types of people I work with include…

Business Owners

Whether you run a brick and mortar, or you have an online operation, I can help scale and grow your business.


I help entrepreneurs in a small team, or solopreneurs with a great idea, build and grow their projects from start-up and beyond.

What people are saying

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    "Working with Rika makes you feel like anything is possible!"
    Abraham Castellanos
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    "Rika Athena helped me realize the potential of my online business.
    She helped me think big and had the expertise to make it real.”
    Mika Navajas
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    “Rika is a creative powerhouse that can help you build the business of your dreams!”
    Shelley Stockwell